Donghyun Jason Nam is a former architect turned design educator, creative director, and entrepreneur. With over eight years of experience in planning, management, and strategy within the creative industry, he is a dynamic professional dedicated to bridging connections through creativity.

Jason’s journey includes roles in architecture firms, graphic design agencies, and educational institutions. He has also founded and led a design nonprofit organization that has impacted over 1500 students worldwide. His work is driven by deep curiosity, process-oriented, and collaborative problem-solving, all while maintaining high-quality visual standards.

Leveraging a unique transnational life history in Korea, Czech Republic, China, USA, and now Germany, Jason uses exceptional cross-cultural skills to foster understanding among the people he works with. His research skills, honed through a Master’s program at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, keep him grounded in data, allowing him to uncover and integrate both cross-cutting and idiosyncratic components in the design process.

Jason has spoken at various international conferences, including TEDx and the Work Better Conference, where he helps people discover the relevance of design in their lives by sharing his insights on design knowledge and creative problem-solving.

Selected Works:
Creative/Art Direction: Design Disco Summer Camp / Máme otevřeno (We Are Open) / Czech Design Week / Maker Faire / KIMCHI / Rice Privilege / Fotografiska Days: Cultural Fabric / Fotografiska Berlin Museum Grand Opening Week
Talks: TEDx Talk: “Great design starts with empathy” / TEDx Talk: “Why you deserve design education” / Work 3etter conference / Bauhaus Study RoomsTowards a Bauhaus School Europe: Workshops for the whole earth
Education: International Students’ Conference / The Big Draw Festival / Riverside International School / Harvard GSD Design Discovery Youth
Graphic Design: Album Covers / Posters / KIMCHI / Rice Privilege
Research: Growing Up with Design
Interviews & Mentions: After TEDxUNYP: Jason NamTo See The World Through the Window of DesignDiscovering Design with Jason Nam