Design Disco Summer Camp

Design Disco is a nonprofit organization I co-founded with the mission to give young people access to design education. The Summer Camp 2019 was a dream project that I am incredibly proud to have accomplished with my kickass team of designers, instructors, and marketing gurus. 

The DD Summer Camp program exposed students to design thinking through practical and engaging design/build projects and focused on 3 core values and skill sets: creative confidence, teamwork, and sustainability. Through workshops, site visitations and excursions to design firms, students also got a peek of what it's like as a professional in the realm of design. Students had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with international architects and designers to hear about their experiences and exchange ideas on how to improve a public space. At the end of the camp, there was a final presentation and vernissage of the students’ collaborative work for friends, families and the public to enjoy.

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