‘How Happy Are You With...?’ A Survery of Prague

Art direction & exhibition design for Máme otevřeno.
Team: Jason N, Ani B, Kasimir SW, Karina G, Bachir B

The installation’s aim was to find out what local residents of Prague thought about their city. It is through urban planning and architecture that we believe the city can be changed, to provide better and more enjoyable living experience for everyone. Thus, we asked: How happy are you with the food, public spaces, housing, and transit of Prague? Participants would consider their happiness for each category, rate it on a scale of 1 to 5, and choose a tube that reflects their happiness for each category and place the tube anywhere near that category on the board.


Selected Works:

Creative/Art Direction: Design Disco Summer Camp / Máme otevřeno (We Are Open) / Czech Design Week / Maker Faire / KIMCHI / Rice Privilege / Fotografiska Days: Cultural Fabric / Fotografiska Berlin Museum Grand Opening Week
Talks: TEDx Talk: “Great design starts with empathy” / TEDx Talk: “Why you deserve design education” / Work 3etter conference / Bauhaus Study Rooms / Towards a Bauhaus School Europe: Workshops for the whole earth
Education: International Students’ Conference / The Big Draw Festival / Riverside International School / Harvard GSD Design Discovery Youth
Graphic Design: Album Covers / Posters / KIMCHI / Rice Privilege
Research: Growing Up with Design
Interviews & Mentions: After TEDxUNYP: Jason Nam / To See The World Through the Window of Design / Discovering Design with Jason Nam